Why We Have To Start Fighting Climate Change Right Now – and 25 small steps to do so

Earth Hour 2017


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Hey, how are you all doing?
Today I want to talk about something that concerns all of us: climate change.
As we’re living our day to day life, we all do some good and some bad stuff to our enviroment without really giving that much of a thought to it. And why should we? Our lives are all in all pretty good, aren’t they? We have houses/ flats with constant electricity and water coming out of every tap if we want it to. We have cars to get around and supermarkets overflowing with food.

But obviously that’s not the case everywhere in this world. You may now think ” wait, I already know that ” , but are you aware that our live as we know it  may change in the future?
If we don’t do something about climate change right now, we and all the future generations to come will have to bear whatever consequences there’ll be. And I think we can all agree, it’ll be everything except easy.

However there is still time! Isn’t that great?
And the first step to making a change is to participate in the Earth Hour.

What is the Earth Hour?

The Earth Hour was first introduced in sydney in 2007.
Today on the 25. of march at 20:30 h local time everyone who want’s to participate will turn of all of their lights for one hour. With doing so, we all stand up together as a community for fighting climate change.

Why do we do it?

As I mentioned before climate change effects everyone and everything everywhere.
Almost every 6. animal- and plant species is currently in danger of extinction. So by turning of our lights for one hour we stand up for renewable energy, climate friendly mobility and climate neutral building.

What can I do?

So after reading all this, do you want to know what you can do, to help save our enviroment?
I think you’ll be glad to know that most of the following tips are quite easy and fast to implement in your every day life.

25 tips to fight climate change in your own little way

In The Kitchen
1. heat up water in a electric kettle first than in a pot
2. ftting the pot size to the right cooking plate
3. use a lid
4. defrost your freezer from time to time
5. don’t place your fridge beside your oven
6. buy big packs of beverages

7. right ventilaton -> aerate shortly a couple of times per day
8. turn down you heating 1 degree -> saves up to 5-10 % energy
9. if you got a  private owned home: invest in some good isolated windows and insulation

Electricity And Lighting
10. deplug your chargers and adaptors
11. buy gadgets with mains operation or rechargeable battery
12. deplug instead of leaving things on standby
13. wash on low temperature
14. use LED- lamps
15. switch to green electricity
16. turn off the lights when your not in the room

17. buy food from your region
18. try to eat more vegetables and fruits instead of meat (for example: 1kg beef = 75 bathtubs of water)
19. buy only as much as you’re really consuming

20. try not to use your car on short distances
21. try car sharing
22. try car pool
23. upshift early
24. take the train instead of the airplane
25 .try to go by bike, bus or train

I hope that you got inspired to make some small changes in your everyday life. So that we can all enjoy our beautiful earth as it is for a little while longer. Do you have any additions? I would love to here them. Yours, Sina

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