Beeing Happy Instead Of Perfect – why it`s alright to have flaws and 4 tips to be happier

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I’m not perfect. And that’s totally fine.
Just writing down these words is kind of liberating. That I’ve finally got to a point in my life where I honestly mean them is like the icing on a cake. And let me tell you it wasn’t easy for me at all to get there.

Nowadays we live in a world where we’re -thanks to instagram, etc.- constantly exposed to perfect images of supposably perfect people, with perfect bodys, perfect faces, perfect clothes, perfect vacations and, well, just all in all perfect lives.
Surely most of us know all to well that these pictures do not show the reality. But nonetheless, we tend to compare ourselves to the people who surround us every now and then. I certainly did.

I have to admit that thoughts like “you have to dress like that” or “is this picture good enough” are no novelty to me. And yes, sometimes they shook up my sense of self pretty damn hard. Especially when I was younger the toughts of beeing not pretty/ fashionable/ hip enough to ever fit in and be liked by everybody tend to pull me down. But thankfully while getting older I got a bit wiser too. Yay!

Luckily I know now that it’s not important to be liked and admired by every person you meet. My clothing doesn’t have to be on trend, my makeup doesn’t have to be flawless and my hair doesn’t have to be on fleek. I’m far away from looking like a runway-model, my nose isn’t cute and straight and my muscles are non existing.
And guess what? My friends still don’t mind to be seen with me.

Now when I get ready in the morning, I do it just for myself. A few years ago I found out that I am the most happy while outside, taking a walk at the beach, driving through the forests on my bike or hiking up and down the moselle.
I never felt happier: I finally got to a point where I can honestly say I don’t give a f*** what random people might think about me. And that just feels awesome.

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All I want now, is for YOU to be happy too.
So following up are 4 of my favourite tips and tricks to find happiness within yourself:

1. treat yourself like a friend

Are you beeing kind and forgiving to yourself?
When something isn’t working out as we hoped it would, we often tend to be quite harsh on ourselves. But if whatever happened didn’t happen to us but to one of our friends would we be as mean? No, we wouldn’t. We’d try to lift them up again. So the next time something doesn’t go as planned, try to take a step back. Imagine it didn’t happen to you but to a friend of yours. You’ll see, everything isn’t as dramatic as it might have seemed. So be kind to yourself.

2. dance like there’s nobody watching


When I was younger (like 18-19) I always thought about the way I might look while dancing in a club. I even asked my then best friend if she thought it looked okay… But let’s be true. No one cares how you dance, as long you don’t jump into them. So dance like nobody’s watching. Have fun and just be in the moment. At the end of the party you’ll just remember the joy you felt while rocking to your favourite songs.

3. go outside with undone hair/makeup

Just do it. We’re all living in our little bubbles thinking mostly about things that have to do with ourselves. Thus believe me when I say, no one will notice, if your not looking like you only jumped out of a catalog. Isn’t that fantastic? For me this thought is really soothing and liberating.

4. leave your camera at home

When was the last time you were just living in the moment? Sometimes it’s a great idea to completely dive into a situation and just live your life. Embrace those occasions as they are and enjoy every second without thinking of snapping a photo for your feed. You’ll notice that sometimes all you need are memories of a great day to make you instantly happy.

I love to hear your feedback on this subjekt. When are you the most happy?
Have a lovely day, Sina

Wanna know what makes me happy too? Food:)
Check out a few of my favourite recipes here 

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