The ONE Birthdaypresent They’ll Never Expect


The Perfect Gift

Sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect gift for someone you care for. I’m sure, you too were struggeling with the question of what to get your mom/dad/sibling/partner/… for their birthday at some point.

After a few years of gifting most of us have covered the super cool presents that the presentee really needed or wanted. They got their favourite flowers, the most delicious sweets, the newest electric devices, the prettiest clothing, etc. So what is left? What do you give to a person who’s got everything?

The answer is quite easy: Your Heart
Of course not literally. That would be kind of gross. What I mean by giving them your heart is writing them a letter. When was the last time you told the ones you love exactly how you felt? Of course most of us say things like ‘love you’ quite often. But have you ever explained why you love them?

I myself find it to be quite difficult to tell people straight to their faces why I think they’re awsome and lovable and why I wouldn’t wanna miss them for everything in the world. That’s just not something we do in our family. We all know that we love each other, but we never really say it out loud.


Writing a Letter

That’s why I came to love writing letters. It’s so different from writing an email or even this blogpost. It is much more raw and it kinda feels like pouring my soul into a piece of paper. When it is just you, a pen, a small pile of beautiful paper and all the love and affection you feel for this person it results in something much more precious than anything you could buy with money.

The first time I’ve written a letter in a long time was last spring. My niece’s first birthday was waiting just around the corner and I asked my sister what I could get her as a present. She then replied all her husband and herself wanted for her, was for all of her relatives to write a letter, telling her how we experienced her first year on earth. Actually we’re ought to do that every year now and when my niece is turning 18 she’ll have all those letters from her family, full of love and support.

An Emotional Journey

So I went out and bought some beautiful parchment. And when I started writing about all the memorable moments that I got to spend with her and all the love I felt, I actually started crying.
I’m not ashamed to admit it. It was such a wonderful moment, full of raw and untamed emotions. I just never knew how much love you’re able to feel for a person until I wrote it down in my own handwriting. I wrote about what it was like to see her the first time, the first time I saw her laugh, the joy she brought to all of our lives and I ended the letter by telling her all the things I hoped and wished for her to happen.
After experiencing all these emotions which washed over me while writing I decided to send out handwritten notes/letters/cards more often. For it’s just so much more personal than writing s.o. on whatsapp. I certainly love getting cards and letters. It always lights up my day.

All there’s left to do now is for you to write that letter. Come on, do it, be brave and tell that special someone how much love them, how proud you are of them and why they mean the world to you. Believe me, it’ll make them more than happy to know just how much they’re loved and appreciated. I know what I’m talking about: My sister burst down in tears of joy when she read the letter I gave to her for her birthday last year.

Have you wrote a letter in the past? To whom and why? And how did it make you feel? I want to know all about it. Let me know in the comments.
Love, Sina

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