Spring-Cleaning. 3 Easy Tips To Get Your Flat Ready For Spring


Are You Ready For Spring?

Sometimes there are days that seem to be perfect. You wake up and open up your blinds just to find yourself be greeted by sunbeams kissing your face and you instantly know, todays gonna be great. Those are the days I get the most done. I find myself to be more optimistic and cheerful and I feel like conquering the world. Or at least my every day life.
Today was such a day. So, motivated as I was, I thought to myself “Why not do some spring-cleaning”. I know, this is supposably NOT a young and hip thing to do (is it still hip to say hip?) but, as I can only speak for myself anyway, it’s what comes to my mind first when it’s getting warmer and sunnier outside.


Everyone who knows me will already know, that I like to keep things simple. I was never the person who liked to complicate things. It’s the same with getting my flat ready for the new season.
So here are my top 3 tips for letting spring into your heart and home, while still having enough time to enjoy the sun.

1. Getting These Windows Clean

What better way to let the first sunrays in than through some sparkly and clear windows?
So what I find to be the best and easiest way to accomplish that is by doing it like this:
Get a bucket, fill it up with some warm water and add just a tiny spritz of neutral cleaner. Then you just need a cleaning cloth, a shower wiper and a dish towel to dry things up. Wash the window with your water and cleaning cloth and then wipe down with your shower wiper. Get rid of any excess water with the dish towl. Tadaa! Clean windows. And the best thing is that it’s done really fast.

2. Whipe Away That Dust

Getting rid of dust is the worst. At least that’s what I’m thinking. Especially the one in those hart to get to places, like the heating or any other small spaces. The easiest way to wave that dust goodbye is to get an old sock you don’t need anymore (yes, you’ve read right) and to place it over your hand like a glove. Then the only thing to do left is to whipe that dust away. Sounds funny? Well, what should I tell you, it gets the job done brilliantly.

3. The 30-Seconds-Rule

Would’nt it be great to always have a tidy flat?
I think nobody likes the idea of spending hours and hours tidying. So the solution is to not letting it get to that point. Sounds easy right? But with the 30-second-rule it really is! You just have to ask yourself the following question: “Can I get this pen/tshirt/book/… to its rightful place in under 30 seconds?” If your honest, the answer is mostly yes. All there’s left to do is act on this rule and after some time you’ll notice that your flat stays nice and tidy for a much longer period of time.


All that’s left to do now is to get outside, enjoy the sunshine, get some icecream and take a walk. You deserve it! And maybe buy some flowers. You should definitely buy flowers. For what is spring without them?


How do you get ready for spring? Let me know in the comments ♥

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